Vladimir Vasilyev: Probably never so much digging!

Владимир Васильев: Наверное, никогда так много не копали!

The pilot of G-Energy Team Vladimir Vasilyev commented on the triumph of the crew on the “Africa Eco race-2017”. After a very successful first half of the race the Russians were an example of stability, winning with an advantage of more than two hours.

“The race was fun – a lot of poking around. Probably never so much digging! – Vasiliev started. Morocco was a very interesting track, very technical, and Mauritania remembered, of course, sand and high-speed sections. Although the latter were many, and they were long a hundred miles is, of course, not very athletic. But overall, a very good race — I think in the future I can do some decent competition.”

“Interesting and difficult race – continued co-driver Konstantin Zhiltsov. – No vacation, no one offered, because the legend wrote Rene Metz for which the sports component of the route is the main one. He has his own style of writing the road book, to which you want to adjust. Once you understand how everything is written, everything is going well and interesting.

I agree that was a lot of high-speed straights. But Mauritania so arranged that they cannot be avoided. It is impossible for one day to arrange every stage so that you and the rocks and the dunes and high speed areas.

From dune to dune, you need to move, so fast track was more than I would like. And besides, our opponents on the buggy you ride them faster, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Sorry we haven’t been back in several countries, like it used to on the classic RAID “Dakar”, as the organizers had to make a compact”.

Today, January 14, Russians expect a Ticker-tape parade and award ceremony on the podium of the “Africa Eco race-2017”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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