The mechanics of “KAMAZ-Master” told how he spent the day at “Africa Eco race”

Механики "КАМАЗ-Мастер" рассказали, как провели день отдыха на "Африка Эко Рейс"

Moroccan stage of the rally-marathon “Africa Eco race” was left behind. January 8, the participants entered the territory of Mauritania, giving a start to the second half of the competition. To replace the tracks with sharp stones came viscous sand, the passage of which requires athletes no less care and accuracy.

And before the athletes had a rest day in the resort town of Dakhla. The bivouac was laid directly on the Atlantic ocean. However, according to the mechanics of Sergey Kupriyanov’s crew team “KAMAZ-Master” Anatoly Tanin, a day in Dakhla we were to have not only to gain strength for the second half of the rally-marathon, but spend a large amount of maintenance work in their cars.

“The day of rest is not about us. We have this day to other tasks. First of all, to change the spring, to conduct a full inspection to the remaining half of the race the car felt good,” explained the mechanic.

No less hard work ahead for the crew of Andrey Karginov.

Механики "КАМАЗ-Мастер" рассказали, как провели день отдыха на "Африка Эко Рейс"

“We got down to business with Friday night, replaced the rear springs. All the major things finished before lunch Saturday, finally all the work was over at five o’clock that day of rest is a good result. Did everything according to the rules, no surprises,” – said the mechanic Dmitry Nikitin.

According to Tanin, the Moroccan part of the race was also not presented to the crew in the way of surprises.

“Big was not a problem, bits and pieces. Now the machine is prepared, all is well”, – he explained.

However, you can relax now, no one is going ahead is very treacherous and stressful stages of the second half of the race.

“Sands can lead to big problems with clutch and transmission. But we hope to avoid this,” said Tanin.

“Morocco had a lot of stones, and the main burden fell on the suspension. Now ahead of Sands, and all will depend on the operation of the motor,” added the mechanic Dmitry Nikitin.

As they say, the race race, and lunch schedule. And lunch for the team “KAMAZ-Master” prepared before the pilot Sergey Kupriyanov.

Механики "КАМАЗ-Мастер" рассказали, как провели день отдыха на "Африка Эко Рейс"

“It’s a tradition of our team. While mechanics work, the pilots and navigators of the culinary day. All is prepared, who knows what. Yesterday he cooked us a lamb with potatoes, was very tasty, like home visited,” admitted Tanya.

Also at the bivouac in Dakhla “KAMAZ-Master” celebrated Christmas. With the holiday athletes congratulated colleagues from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan and other countries.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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