The crews of “KAMAZ-master” passed the equator “Africa Eco race”

Экипажи "КАМАЗ-мастер" прошли экватор «Африка Эко Рейс»

Today ended the first half of the rally-marathon “Africa Eco race”. The riders rode a total of almost 700 km to the bivouac in the resort town of Dakhla.

According to the pilot team “KAMAZ-master” Andrey Karginov, the current stage of his crew was relatively simple.

“The whole stage was driven at maximum speed, — said karginov. — Jeeps, however, we were overtaken because they have a top speed of 190-200 km/h, in trucks there is a limit up to 150 km/h were dangerous areas, rocks, but we drove carefully, without stabbing a single wheel”.

Экипажи "КАМАЗ-мастер" прошли экватор «Африка Эко Рейс»

The Navigator of another crew of “KAMAZ-master” Alexander Kupriyanov also noted that the current phase has not delivered any major problems.

“Passed quickly, safely, confidently said at the end of the day Kupriyanov. — In principle, it is a repetition of last year’s stage. Almost the entire special stage held at “maximum speed”. First, ahead of the jeep, changing the wheel, then a second SUV ahead of a move. And somewhere a hundred kilometers before the finish missed forward the crew of Andrey Karginov and then held on to him. Nice day, good result. Shorten the gap with our competitors. So we’re happy”.

Tomorrow, according to plans of organizers of the rally-marathon, athletes have a rest day on the ocean. However, even in this day, the racers and especially the mechanics will be a lot of cases.

“The day of rest is, shall we say, conventional name, and of the crews, of course, does not remain aside, — Kupriyanov explained. — So tomorrow a full day at the metal part.”

“Scheduled planned work with machines — said karginov. — Largely replacing the springs as they were severely loaded during the first half of the race. In addition, we will conduct routine inspections of cars and check to see whether the left anything out of order.”

Экипажи "КАМАЗ-мастер" прошли экватор «Африка Эко Рейс»

On Sunday, January 8, athletes will again hit the road, completing the Moroccan stage of the competition. According to Andrey Karginov, the whole of his crew, he has developed quite well.

“I like the difficult route, “stopping” runs that are suitable for us, — admitted the driver. — So far we are satisfied, thanks to the organizers for the first half of the race.”

The route of Morocco gave the racers a lot of problems because of the abundance of sharp rocks. Mauritania also famous for its viscous sand.

“In fact, for many of the crews Mauritania becomes a turning point — said Navigator Alexander Kupriyanov. — Someone loses their leadership position, someone, on the contrary, suddenly “shoots”. Mauritanian stages full of surprises, so there is very good concentration. Sands is very viscous, so you need not to be mistaken with clipping path. In addition, there’s a very interesting navigation: change courses, you need to find all the checkpoints. In General, it will be, something to be overcome”.

Ahead of the riders racing another seven stages and more than two thousand kilometers of way on the territory of Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal. We will remind, the finish of the “Africa Eco race” will take place on 14 January at the Pink lake in Dakar.

Экипажи "КАМАЗ-мастер" прошли экватор «Африка Эко Рейс»

The standings after SS5
POS. no. KL. Pilot Car Time/RET.
1. 199 T1 Экипажи "КАМАЗ-мастер" прошли экватор «Африка Эко Рейс» Vladimir Vasiliev MINI 15:08.25
2. 208 T1 Экипажи "КАМАЗ-мастер" прошли экватор «Африка Эко Рейс» Thierry Magnaldi FORD +22.18
3. 400 T4 Экипажи "КАМАЗ-мастер" прошли экватор «Африка Эко Рейс» Andrey Karginov KamAZ +1:14.01
4. 201 T1 Экипажи "КАМАЗ-мастер" прошли экватор «Африка Эко Рейс» Pascal Thomas OPTIMUS MD +1:14.09
5. 207 T1 Экипажи "КАМАЗ-мастер" прошли экватор «Африка Эко Рейс» Andrey Cherednikov FORD +1:32.18
12. 210 T1 Экипажи "КАМАЗ-мастер" прошли экватор «Африка Эко Рейс» Victor Horoshavtsev BMW +2:32.16
17. 403 T4 Экипажи "КАМАЗ-мастер" прошли экватор «Африка Эко Рейс» Sergei Kupriyanov KamAZ +3:46.37
24. 240 T2 Экипажи "КАМАЗ-мастер" прошли экватор «Африка Эко Рейс» Marat Abykayev And Other TOYOTA +4:59.38
25. 220 T1 Экипажи "КАМАЗ-мастер" прошли экватор «Африка Эко Рейс» Maxim Kirpili TOYOTA +5:43.12

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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