Andrey karginov: In Africa no one is insured

Андрей Каргинов: В Африке никто ни от чего не застрахован

Racers “KAMAZ-Master” Andrey Karginov and Sergey Kupriyanov at the end of the ninth stage of the “Africa Eco race” was not easy: the pilots decided to pass him, protecting each other due to the high complexity of the plot. According to Andrey Karginov, in this situation, this tactic is the best.

“First we waited for the crew of Sergey Kupriyanov, to pass along the Sands, explained karginov. — At the start we had a difference of 18 minutes, but we decided to go together. We have a team, us and one and another of the crew. We understand that here in Africa, no one is immune”.

The pilot team “KAMAZ-master” Sergei Kupriyanov, said that dune was the most difficult part of the stage.

Андрей Каргинов: В Африке никто ни от чего не застрахован

“The area was very complex dunes: rough terrain, soft sand, — said Kupriyanov. We passed them without any problems, although, I repeat, was not easy. There was, for example, such plots, which arrive at the top, and there is practically a vertical cliff the height of a two-storey house. You need to climb it and climb back. And the sand is sticky. That is, and quickly down not because dune is almost vertical, and the turn at the bottom need to climb to the next. Most of these dunes was about ten. But we all went back had only once”.

The overcoming of one of the dunes for riders nearly ended up in a serious accident, to avoid which was helped by a special device, which, according to the rules of the competition are obliged to provide all participants of the rally-marathon.

“Before the highest of these dunes we heard a signal that somewhere nearby is a car, driving in dune, handled and see the Russian crew of Constantine Horoshavtsev — continued Sergey. They were literally feet away from us! A little bit more and we would literally jump on this car. For the guys it was a very dangerous moment, because they are not identified himself at the top of the dunes, only gave a signal through the device of the organizers.”

Андрей Каргинов: В Африке никто ни от чего не застрахован

In the event of an emergency the pilot is required to press the button of the device, and then the rest of the drivers approaching a tow truck, get the signal that occurred near an emergency situation, and therefore need to be very careful.

In addition, Kupriyanov’s crew was not without technical problems.

“We have stopped working swapping wheels, — said Kupriyanov. We first tried to fix it, but in the end we had twice to stop once to pull the wheels in front of the sandy area, the second — to pump after him. Swapping is fast, and the same operation, if carried out through the valve takes a long time. In the end, we fell back to fourth place. Now the difference with the closest rival we have is 19 minutes. This time you can win, if we do not stand”.

The crew of Andrey Karginov was able to maintain leadership in its category in the General classification, “Africa Eco race”. However, there are still two stages, and therefore to relax the athletes are not going to.

“As navigators say, tomorrow too will be a very strange day, the end of the race organizers can come up with something unexpected,” said Kupriyanov.

Although, as recognized karginov, the stages of Africa Eco Race will be remembered by him for a long time. “The day before yesterday we were driving on the sand, about the difficulty which the organizers warned us in advance. In our understanding it was the dunes, but as it turned out, it was a sandy road in the so-called camel thorn out of quicksand. I for the first time in his ten year career are faced with the fact that KAMAZ refused to go on a flat surface,” said pilot.

Tomorrow the riders will have to overcome annular segment, and on the 13th of January the athletes will leave the territory of Mauritania to continue to rally-marathon in the territory of Senegal.

Андрей Каргинов: В Африке никто ни от чего не застрахован

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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