Analysis: I Should be the operator to help Anastasia Nifontova?

Анализ: Должен ли был оператор помочь Анастасии Нифонтовой?

The theme of the last days of the rally-RAID “Dakar” in the Russian Motorsport community was a video filmed by one of the French TV channels, which has caused a storm of emotions, if not to say scandal. Autopartsway decided to investigate the situation.

The next report of channel Francetvsport talked about the fight among the riders. The image with the helicopter is replaced by a picture that takes the operator standing on the ground. Motorcycle number 59 lies across the road, beside him stands a man in a helmet and racing overalls. On the back is written the name: Nifontova.

Russian Anastasiya Nifontova motorcycle racer was in a difficult situation. She tries to lift the heavy motorcycle, but strength is not enough. She shouted: “???” and waving to the operator. The silence continues shooting, capturing on camera fighting with the rebellious motorcycle racer, and passing opponents.

One, two, three… But another member on a motorcycle under the number 154 – is he on a KTM, the Frenchman Gregory Morat – helps Nastya to raise it FR Husqvarna 450 Rally, she sits in the saddle and continue through the stage.

In the video one of the thousands of moments that perfectly characterize how complex the South American marathon. However, after publishing, social media exploded with comments that what swear words are not called French videographer. Most of them we can’t even quote in this article…

A few comments of those who understands something in the rules for rally-raids, drowned in the wave of negativity. But let’s face it, without giving their estimates, I should be the operator to help Anastasia Nifontova? Did he have the right to do this? Wouldn’t hurt to himself and her that the help of others?

What the rules say?
Анализ: Должен ли был оператор помочь Анастасии Нифонтовой?
Collage Alexander Lesnikov

As in any other auto – racing and Motorsport in rally-raids there exists a body of its rules governing what is and what is not. For journalists, the organizers of the Rally “Dakar” release special rules under which carried out accreditation of media representatives, their work, and they also specified limitations and restrictions.

Bring translated into Russian language extract from the rules for the press:

p. VII. Help participants

It is strictly forbidden to transport equipment intended for participants or to help participants (see paragraphs 31P1 for 31P4 rules for cars and trucks, as well as the item 27P rules for riders and the quads).

However, the crew of the “press car” is obliged to assist the participant in case of difficulty or inability to leave the track, but only if the position of the member causes a threat to the successful holding of the race. In both cases, and prior to any action the crew of the “press car” should refer to PCO [race headquarters]. To contact him you must use your own satellite phone number +33 1 41 33 02 10.

Person accredited at the time of the race, is not permitted in any way to help the race: transporting spare parts, transfer fuel to transport elements of the bivouac, to help if you experience mechanical problems and so on.

In such cases, this person may be excluded from the race and become the reason for the exclusion involved in this party. Failure to follow these rules in any way may result in the exclusion of “press car” and the whole crew.

For the full set give also paragraph 27P rules for riders and the quads – as long as they are the reference in paragraph VII of the rules for the press:

p. 27P4: penalties for forbidden service

Assistance and towing without penalty is permitted only by the rider / participant, claimed, and still competing in competition of motorcycles, ATVs, SUVs and trucks. In any other case, the racer will be disqualified.

If you follow the letter of the rules, the videographer could help Nastya in the following cases:

– if her or her health was threatened by real danger (say, a motorcycle fell on it and crushed)

– if its motorcycle interfered with the passage of other participants (to block the highway in the distance)

And that’s all! In this situation, the racer stood on their feet, and others without any problems rode it – even though you could have to stay to assist. But that is another question…

Some fans believe that the operator can turn the camera off, to help raise motorcycle racer and then continue shooting. But in this case enough of a protest from someone from rivals and both operator and Anastasia could easily be removed from the race for outside assistance. The media in the future could be denied the opportunity to obtain accreditation for the “Dakar”.

Says Anastasiya Nifontova?
Анализ: Должен ли был оператор помочь Анастасии Нифонтовой?
Photo Max Rise Group

Rally “Dakar” in 2017 is completed. The main character of the story has not yet returned to Moscow, so our conversation was on the phone. So direct speech…

“In accordance with the regulations and their profession, the operator did what it was supposed to do. Because he needs to remove whatever was happening – even if a person is torn apart, it should be recorded. Not caring to engage in “rescue of drowning”. Therefore, from this point of view everything in the framework.

According to the regulations, assistance to third parties – no matter whether it is the local people, operators, or someone else – is prohibited. To help each other in the race can only other members.

But again, everything is very conditional. A situation when crowds of local residents overturned the car, put back on wheels and it goes further – it’s no big deal. There are no penalties for it not to impute all understand such situations.

Анализ: Должен ли был оператор помочь Анастасии Нифонтовой?
Photo Max Rise Group

As for the situation with me, I honestly was hoping that the operator would Wake up the gentleman (laughs). I told him honestly pose for some time with the bike, held it, tried to raise… Thought he’s just gonna take a tragic story, then come and help, and further I will continue to remove. But no – he was shot and pretended that he didn’t see my requests for assistance.

Actually I have, of course, no claims to him. Each act as it should have been. I was driving to the race and knew what it was. This episode is one in a million. People each other always help and I have helped, someone I once helped. Nothing unusual in this. What was unusual was that there was a statement that took it all.

I was a bit surprised about this situation is there such a hype. That being said, a normal working time.
Claims to the rivals who drove past? Here it is necessary to take into account that it was the 11th stage – the penultimate. All are tired so…

In any other situation I would have no problems myself picked up the motorcycle and drove on. Nothing supernatural in this. And here played a role that everyone was exhausted mentally and physically. It was a sandy section of the track with hoist, very heavy. Those who ride motorcycle, you know that the sand must either go fast or not go at all. Because drive slowly through sand on a motorcycle is impossible.

Rivals before the rise much accelerated, and when he saw me, just didn’t close the gas, because you know – they get stuck here in the sand and will have to dig out, and forces already there. I’m not making excuses for them, just at some point they made a choice in their favor and passed.

A huge thank you to Gregory who has stopped by. Sooner or later someone would stay in the race always is. People help each other!”

Анализ: Должен ли был оператор помочь Анастасии Нифонтовой?
Photo Max Rise Group
What says history?

The situation with assistance and illegal service or the help of others in the automotive and Motorsport occurred more than once. Here are a few examples from the world of rally-raids.

Rally “Dakar” in 1991. Jérôme Rivière
Анализ: Должен ли был оператор помочь Анастасии Нифонтовой?
Photo Lada Poch

Team Lada Poch, who spoke on the prototypes of Lada Samara T3, was represented by three crews. Driving the car was Patrick, Hubert Auriol and jérôme rivière. And it is the latter caught at an illegal service his car burned near the truck as a cleaner.

And all anything, but by this time racing this truck were already gone, and assistance from the team members going on this car was considered an outsider.

The organizers were relentless – the crew of the Riviera and was immediately disqualified from the race.

Rally “Dakar-2010”. Marc Coma
Анализ: Должен ли был оператор помочь Анастасии Нифонтовой?
Photo KTM

On Friday, January 8, motorcycle racer Cyril despres and David Fretigne informed the organizers of the race that occupies the second place in offset of motorcycles Marc Coma came to start the second part of the stage with the new rear wheel. Despres asked the operators of the French TV to shoot a closeup of a rear wheel of the Spaniard, who later handed the recording to the judges.

After analyzing the video and the route that mark has overcome in the course of the ill-fated day, the organizers have gathered evidence that the KTM rider took cover behind one of the houses in the center of the stage and changed the wheel.

Judge found the pilot guilty of receiving illegal assistance and sentenced him to a six-hour penalty. As a result, in the fourth place, he slipped to the 24th position.

For the remaining days of Coma played multiple positions and finished the race in 15th place.

Rally Dakar 2016. Stéphane Peterhansel
Анализ: Должен ли был оператор помочь Анастасии Нифонтовой?
Photo Peugeot Sport

At the eighth stage of the race legendary driver of the Peugeot was refueling his dune buggy. However, opponents of the X-raid team had doubts that he did it in a permitted place. The organisers started checking to see how correct were the actions of the French team, and if this was illegal service.

Stefan started the phase with a smaller amount of fuel than rivals. And in the area of neutralization produced refueling, which allowed him to get to the finish of the stage and keep the lead in the race. His rivals Nasser al-Attiyah, Carlos Sainz and Sebastien Loeb were forced to slow down to save fuel to finish the stage.

The next day was officially recognized in the Peugeot did the right thing and anyone will not be punished. As a result, the Stefan won. However, management X-raid was not satisfied with this decision, and they filed a protest against the race results, that even after the finish of the “Dakar” remains provisional…

Rally “Dakar” in 2017. Racers Honda

The most recent example of punishment for unlawful service occurred during the just ended rally-marathon: six(!) riders who have ridden on the motorcycle of brand Honda, got a penalty for refuelling in a prohibited place.

Fine in one hour got Juan Barreda, Michael Metz, Paulo Goncalves, Ricky Brabeck, Caimi Franco and Pedro Bianchi Prata. The penalization cost the Spanish rider of team Monster Energy Honda Team to victory in the Moto category we…

Анализ: Должен ли был оператор помочь Анастасии Нифонтовой?

Alexey Sergeev, specially for Autosportlive

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