Alexey Kuzmich: the Success of “KAMAZ-Master” at the “Dakar-2017” consists of little things and details

Алексей Кузьмич: Успех "КАМАЗ-Мастер" на "Дакаре-2017" состоит из мелочей и деталей

The next issue of “match” on TV channel “the Match!” was dedicated to the rally-raids, namely the “Dakar-2017” and “Africa Eco race-2017”, which ended this week.

Studio guests became Alexey Kuzmich – the winner and prize-winner of the world Cup for rally-raids and Andrey Dmitriev – the winner and prize-winner of the championship of Russia on rally-raids. They discussed the main events of the last rally raids.

“Dakar-2017”: 14 victory of “KAMAZ-Master” and the historical triumph of Sergey Karjakin

“Africa EKO Flight”: Vladimir Vasilyev won the absolute, and the Andrey Karginov’s crew was the best in the category of trucks

The success of “KAMAZ-Master” at the “Dakar-2017” (the first two places in the truck class)

A. D.: “a Fantastic result “KAMAZ-Master”. It is the result of the work the team is doing, we can say, for decades. On the one hand, there is nothing surprising, on the other – we astonish the whole world.

It is primarily the contribution of the team as a whole. It is clear that Gong goes to the pilots. The success of “KAMAZ-Master” in the training system, production system, in the system of the Russian spirit, which says Chagin”.

A. K.: “Everything consists of small things. The team is good when everyone works 100% and knows that his actions, from his work depends on the result. All trust each other 100% and everyone in the team works with maximum efficiency”.

The victory of Sergey Karjakin at the “Dakar-2017” in the Quad class

A. K.: “Rally-raids are not riding around the ring. Much depends on the ability to navigate. In addition, Sergei is not the first time riding the Dakar. In rally-raids speed is of great importance on the roads, but off road enough to lose a navigation point, go to the side, and you can easily lose 15-20 minutes at best.

Also important factor is the element of luck: you may bring equipment, to break the wheel at the wrong moment and end the “spare tire” or is suddenly pierced the radiator… still the element of luck is present.”

On the third place in buggy class at the “Dakar-2017” Ravil Maganova

A. D.: “Despite the fact that to finish in this class got only five crews, this does not detract from the merits of Ravil. A year ago we talked about how great it is to participate in “Dakar”. A year has passed, and now he is not only a participant, but is among the winners in third place. I’m sure in the future he will prove himself even more worthy. I already talked to him after the competition: so the technical problems robbed him of more than eight hours. Not worth talking about racing in the subjunctive mood, but it has great potential”.

On the 13th victory of stéphane Peterhansel on the Dakar

A. To.: “He rides all in a row. I personally watched as Stephane Peterhansel could come on the European “Baja” motorcycle, buggy. It can act on everything that moves, and it all turns out. Great experience, huge VCAT and regular exercise”.

The victory of Vladimir Vasiliev in the overall standings of the “Africa Eco race-2017”

A. D.: “Vasiliev, champion of Champions. I think if he participated in the Dakar rally 2017, it would also be in the prizes. He gives so much time, money and effort to his hobby that the result can wait no longer”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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