“Africa EKO Flight”: “KAMAZ-master” in two steps from the finish line

«Африка Эко Рейс»: "КАМАЗ-мастер" в двух шагах от финиша

The participants of the “Africa Eco race-2017” has left behind the tenth and penultimate special stage of the rally-marathon. The stage that the organizers have done ring, was for the athletes is not easy, however, despite this, the Andrey Karginov’s crew team “KAMAZ-master” has managed to maintain leadership in its category in the General classification of the race.

The most dangerous part of the route is sandy both crews of the team “KAMAZ-master” to act on “Africa Eco race” (the crews of Karginov Andrey and Sergey Kupriyanov), together, protecting each other.

According to the pilot of “KAMAZ-master” Andrey Karginov, the annular stages, the organizers deliberately make it more complicated, in the event of serious problems of the participants descended from the race early, it was easier to evacuate from the road.

“We immediately prepared for the fact that it will not be easy — said karginov. Therefore, almost the entire day before the release of the Sands we walked along with the crew of Sergey Kupriyanov, in order to help each other,” explained the pilot Andrei karginov.

During the next maneuver, the crew of Sergei Kupriyanov had a puncture, the result had to spend time on its replacement.

“We tried to overtake buggies, long worked, — said the Navigator Sergey Kupriyanov, Andrey Kupriyanov. — It was an open plot was going at maximum speed. Rolled up, rolled up to her to get around, during the next attempt of overtaking at the “cutting off” over the snow because of the dust we couldn’t see the obstacles and got hit in the rear wheel. I had to stop. We spent for repair about 30 minutes.”

«Африка Эко Рейс»: "КАМАЗ-мастер" в двух шагах от финиша

Tire also have occurred to the crew of Andrey Karginov. “Today there were a lot of stones, a lot of off-road, — said mechanic crew Dmitry Nikitin. — After I got a flat tire, tried to drive carefully, but at the same time to keep the pace, to keep pace with rivals”.

Despite the difficulties encountered, the Navigator of the crew of Sergey Kupriyanov, Aleksandr Kupriyanov said that I would not call the current stage the most difficult in the whole of the rally-marathon.

“In my opinion, say, of the last special stage was more difficult — explained Kupriyanov. — If to compare with the stages of the “Africa Eco race” in previous years, again, he doesn’t seem very difficult. Yes, there are some nuances, but the dunes, for example, today was quite passable. And last year some even look it was scary, not that go through them. Now these dunes we did not wait. Good or bad – I don’t know.”

Ahead of the riders fighting the last special stage of the “Africa Eco race” with a length of just over 200 km. According to the pilot Andrei Karginov, the mood of his crew is also fighting.

“The struggle continues. This rally-raids, I have repeatedly faced with the fact that in the last kilometers the people managed to find myself adventure so we don’t relax, prepare and do not forget that we still have a stage,” — said the athlete.

Tomorrow the riders leave the territory of Mauritania and will enter the last country of the rally-marathon – Senegal. Pilots have to overcome more than 200 km of special stages and about 300 on the roads. Saturday, January 14, at the Pink lake, we will announce the results of the rally-marathon and the winners will receive well-deserved awards.

«Африка Эко Рейс»: "КАМАЗ-мастер" в двух шагах от финиша

Position after СУ10
POS. no. KL. Pilot Car Time/RET.
1. 199 T1 «Африка Эко Рейс»: "КАМАЗ-мастер" в двух шагах от финиша Vladimir Vasiliev MINI 34:55.35
2. 200 T1 «Африка Эко Рейс»: "КАМАЗ-мастер" в двух шагах от финиша Miroslav Zapletal HUMMER +2:08.10
3. 211 T1 «Африка Эко Рейс»: "КАМАЗ-мастер" в двух шагах от финиша Dominic Uso OPTIMUS MD +2:15.03
4. 209 T1 «Африка Эко Рейс»: "КАМАЗ-мастер" в двух шагах от финиша Guillaume Gomez OPTIMUS MD +2:35.58
5. 400 T4 «Африка Эко Рейс»: "КАМАЗ-мастер" в двух шагах от финиша Andrey Karginov KamAZ +2:56.33
10. 403 T4 «Африка Эко Рейс»: "КАМАЗ-мастер" в двух шагах от финиша Sergei Kupriyanov KamAZ +5:53.53
16. 240 T2 «Африка Эко Рейс»: "КАМАЗ-мастер" в двух шагах от финиша Marat Abykayev And Other TOYOTA +12:04.36
17. 220 T1 «Африка Эко Рейс»: "КАМАЗ-мастер" в двух шагах от финиша Maxim Kirpili TOYOTA +15:11.38

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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