9 “Africa Eco race” brought another half hour separation of the G-Energy Team crew

9 этап «Африка Эко Рейс» принес ещё полчаса отрыва экипажу G-Energy Team

The more challenges the better job with the Russian crew of Vladimir Vasilyev and Konstantin Zhiltsov in the African rally-RAID. After the evening preparation, the crew took first place on the stage, but more than half an hour increased their lead in the overall standings. However, success is not given to the team, G-Energy is easy: the ninth stage miraculously saved the car of the crew from serious injury, but aggravated the hand injury of Vladimir Vasiliev.

Even before it was known that 390 km ninth stage will be given to the participants of the rally-marathon “Africa EKO Flight” for a reason. The most important obstacle had become treacherous Mauritanian dunes — 7 km eighth stage duration increased to 30 km.

Before the start of the pilot of G-Energy Vladimir Vasiliev commented on the preparations for the stage: “Today the route is the same as yesterday, only dunes will not be seven, and thirty kilometers. So decided to change the settings of the car. Usually we got the tire pressure before the dune, so as not to waste time — always take the sand of course, always possible. But after yesterday’s risk will not. Specially selected low tire pressure under today’s stage — a little more on the rear axle and less on the front. So the car in the sand should behave at the same time prohodila and more stable when maneuvering”.

9 этап «Африка Эко Рейс» принес ещё полчаса отрыва экипажу G-Energy Team

And so it happened. Despite the fact that the mileage was not the longest time it was long because crews had a place to lose time. In the stages of previous races is in the vicinity of this route teams had the maximum number of problems. And so today’s stage was only for the whole race, when in the middle of the route, allow machine maintenance.

Vasilyev added: “Today was a difficult day. The dunes were very difficult. I began to understand what African Sands, because I do not want to lower the tire pressure. Prior to that, went and South America, and the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt — was the pressure isn’t lowered: it was sometimes hard, but it was and passed. Well, there is not going car, while not letting the wheels sink and all.

However, after that got into trouble before us with a large, almost vertical dunes down two buggies, and at the bottom showed just huge boulders one meter in diameter. It’s a miracle we’ve passed them — also stood up, hitting his wheel. If not for the Technicals, don’t know how would go on. But the buggy is not lucky one shot off the wheel, the second also stood, but with her, we don’t know. We got off easy: a broken hub and the blow to my hand earlier-it was sick, but now is not moving. Tomorrow, I feel, will go on painkillers”.

9 этап «Африка Эко Рейс» принес ещё полчаса отрыва экипажу G-Energy Team

The final table of the ninth stage of the “Africa Eco race” was again mixed crews. Vladimir Vasilyev and Konstantin Zhiltsov finished on the seventh special stage with a delay of 10 minutes 30 seconds from the winner, who this time was Frenchman Patrick Serial. Who won the last stage Pascal Thomasse arrived only on 18-th position. In the General standings, the crew of G-Energy finally broke away from his pursuers — the closest rival is from Vladimir Vasiliev for more than two hours, for three rounds before the finish virtually guarantees Russian crew win. However, we cannot predict.

“KAMAZ-master” trucks things are going on with varying success: escape on the eve of the third place Sergey Kupriyanov again today, finished the race in fourth position. All about the command tactics “KAMAZ-master” was chosen for the most difficult stage: the heavy Sands it was decided to take two crews together. But Sergei Kupriyanov failed broken system Central tire inflation, resulting in a pull and swap wheels in the Sands of the crew had manually, and Andrey Karginov to wait about 18 minutes behind teammates. In the end, two KAMAZ finished the ninth stage on the fourth and fifth places respectively. However, the leader of the General classification of trucks has not changed — it remains Andrey karginov.

Today all participants of the Africa Eco Race is waiting for another 424 km most difficult Sands of Mauritania.

9 этап «Африка Эко Рейс» принес ещё полчаса отрыва экипажу G-Energy Team

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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