“Stilobat 2016” closed the rally season in the Urals

«Стилобит 2016» закроет раллийный сезон на Урале

Rally “Stilobat” summer is traditionally the last race of the season in the Urals, and in the current year – the penultimate stage of the Cup of Russia. 17-18 September at the Asbestos will rally marked the 15th stage of the Cup of Russia and the 15th stage of the zonal competition (Championship of the Ural Federal district and the Volga Federal district). The results will be decided the fate of the winner of the championship of the Ural and Volga Federal districts.

The racing weekend will begin on Saturday with technical inspections, familiarization with the special stages of the rally, and in the evening held a solemn presentation of the crews. Everyone will be able to see the racing cars and their crews, take a picture, get an autograph and to get answers to your questions firsthand.

«Стилобит 2016» закроет раллийный сезон на Урале

On Sunday, the fight will be on familiar athletes the gravel roads around the city of Asbestos. The total distance of the rally is 163,98 km, which is of 95.80 km – distance high-speed stages. The rally involved SU Kross and 33-kilometer-long SU mokrinskiy that the riders will have to overcome twice.

In the calendar series many stages across the country, but each party to the mandatory final stage may be only four his best result of the season, so it is logical that the pilots try to win the maximum “home” race.

Because of the rally “Stilobat” is the final race for the Ural championship, at the start of the rally will come the crews who need the points to try to realize their racing ambitions for the season. In the list of participants 21 cars representing all the “rally” cities of Urals: Perm, Yekaterinburg, Asbest, berëzovskiy, Chelyabinsk, Surgut, Izhevsk, Ozersk and Snezhinsk.

«Стилобит 2016» закроет раллийный сезон на Урале

The main battle will unfold in the overall classification between the crew of Gregory Tregubov and Alexander Rogozin. Gregory now has maximum points, but “in walking distance” are Alexander Osipov not declared for this race, and Alexander Rogozin. Both Alexander have a mathematical possibility to intervene in the battle for the Cup at the final stage. The competition in the fight for points rally “Stilobat” is Alexei Mironov, who is a serious rival to Asbestos on the roads, but not risen high in the ranking of the season “thanks to the” minimum program exits.

Perhaps, some points will be able to snatch Pavel Sokolov, who manages to finish the race in the Asbestos at the top places of the podium, and Matvey Bezrukov, he really missed the rally and decided to ride in the pleasure with the Moscow storminess Stanislava Drozdova.

In 2000N category on the top line comfortably settled Daniel Yakushev, representative of the rally team Uralasbest, it is unlikely to get the pursuers Pavel Kozlov and Ruslan Valeev.

«Стилобит 2016» закроет раллийный сезон на Урале

In the Junior class monoprinter 1600Н the maximum points gathered Dmitry Voronov, who, by the way, is already ahead of schedule became the champion of Russia of this year. Surgutanov Andrey Ivashchenko, defending second place in the standings, has a chance to replace one of the best results and catch up on points with Dmitry. Andrey Fadeev on the third place, it is necessary to improve the result, expressed in points, to retain this position at the end of the year.

«Стилобит 2016» закроет раллийный сезон на Урале

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