Ayrat Mardeev before the start of “Dakar-2017”: the complexity of the Dakar is not just at the track

Айрат Мардеев перед стартом "Дакара-2017": Сложность Дакара далеко не только в трассе

Today in Moscow held a press conference on the eve of the launch of two rally-RAID season-2017 “Dakar” and “Africa Eco race”. Correspondent Autopartsway managed to talk with the chief pilot of KAMAZ-Master Ayrat Mardeev and find out what challenges await the team in South America.

Good day, Airat. The organizers promise that the Dakar-2017 will be the most difficult from the configuration point of view. How do you like the track at first glance?

Ayrat Mardeev: Indeed, race Director Marc Coma promised everyone that this Dakar will be the most challenging. I try to believe him, because he’s a pilot from around the world, five-time winner of the Dakar standings motorbike.

He just recently participated in South America, so knows what it takes to make a track for rally-RAID is interesting. I think he will turn out to complicate the race and make it interesting and varied. But we all learn on the spot.

This is just true, because last year’s “Dakar” a compared with the stage of the world rally Championship.

A. M.: Yes, indeed, there were many meandering trails and very little off-road.

Айрат Мардеев перед стартом "Дакара-2017": Сложность Дакара далеко не только в трассе

And what configuration do You prefer?

A. M: I love it when you have everything interesting just to go constantly on the road or on the highway. The Dakar needs to be varied. Here again is a test of how the pilot will be able to move quickly from one coverage area to another – to be, shall we say, universal. This is the strength of this pilot of rally RAID.

And yet what is the main difficulty on stage?

A. M.: on the Basis of the information that is available to us, it will be difficult in Bolivia at altitude and in the sand – both for us and the car, because there is a sticky sand.

Look, of course, how many Sands on the altitude – we were all very surprised of this fact when I found out. I hope it’s not just words, and it will be really interesting and difficult.

As you can evaluate yourself, ready to go?

A. M.: When is going to speak on the Dakar, you have to prepare for the most difficult. It is important not even what is the route it is rather in the highest level of competition.

Where the Dakar has been taken – even on asphalt – the complexity is in the density results. And we are easy to grip and to tune.

Айрат Мардеев перед стартом "Дакара-2017": Сложность Дакара далеко не только в трассе

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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