Exclusive interview with Maxime Martin in the eve of “24 hours of Spa”

Эксклюзивное интервью с Максимом Мартаном в преддверии "24 часов Спа"

This weekend at the legendary Belgian track of Spa-Francorchamps will host the 24-hour race, the Central stage of the championship Blancpain GT. Now Maxim Martin plays his fourth full season in the DTM, he has got the experience of playing in LMP2, but we can say that he came out of racing that is GT, and he continues to act in parallel in this category.

A year ago Martin won a daily marathon of Spa together with Philip Angom and Alex Simms, and for him this victory became the most important in his career. His father won the race “24 hours of Spa” in the overall standings four times, and after last year’s victory Maxim on account of family members are already seven victories. In an exclusive interview with Martin has shared his expectations of the daily marathon.

This week you will participate in the race “24 hours Spa”, now you are in the DTM, but you are actually out of GT3 racing and still continue to perform there. Are you familiar with the GT3 cars, but that now seem to spend more time in the DTM, and do you have difficulties to adapt to some of these cars?

Maxime Martin: I Have no problem with that because I know both cars. Although they are, of course, quite different. But when you know both cars, then they just adapt. Previously, I have performed several times in GT racing, and now spend a lot of time in the DTM, so that’s all right.

This year in the Blancpain GT has been a change in the balance of power (BoP), what do you think about these changes, and whether you current balance? How he fits BMW?

M. M.: Yes, balance nobody is ever satisfied! (laughs). I don’t think it’s bad, but I don’t think is good enough. Of course, now we’re not the fastest, and was the fastest a year ago, but then we won. I think anything is possible, but in the 24-hour race you need a good car. It is difficult to make.

Race in Spa is the Central race of the season, and although we missed the first race of the Endurance Cup in Monza and not fighting for the championship, we want to fight for the victory in race “24 hours Spa”.

How would you compare the old car BMW GT3 Z4 and the new M6?

M. M.:these are two completely different machines. The Z4 was less with a smaller motor. These are two completely different concepts. Now the bigger motor too big. I think the M6’s potential, particularly in later years, well piloted, they are completely different. I think it’s a good car for the GT class.

“Spa 24 hours” is not just your home race, but race is important for your whole family. Your father many times won this race and you won it a year ago. This gives some extra motivation for you?

M. M.:Victory in this race a year ago – this is the most important victory in my career. And from an emotional point of view, it was very important. Our family has won this race seven times already, and I hope that in the future will again be able to win it.

The level of competition in the Blancpain GT is growing every year, and every year the championship comes more strong pilots. Probably, the battle became more complex and dense?

M. M.:Yes, it’s a tough League, but now many Championships a high level of pilots and competition. I don’t think this year’s series was harder than a year ago, it was already a lot of strong cars and drivers, it’s just all survived this year, and I hope that it will be many years.

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