Nissan has started the tests of the new GT3 car

Nissan начала тесты нового автомобиля GT3

The manufacturer Nissan has started tests of the new version of their GT3 car, which will replace the existing GT-R next season.

The latest model of the GT3 still uses the name of the original GT-R GT3 NISMO in the beginning of this month has already been tested on the track Fuji Nissan drivers Michael Krumm and Yanagida Matsuka.

Then they were joined, Mitsunori Takanashi who participated in the series of the Super GT with NDDP Racing driving GT-R NISMO in the GT300 class.

Nissan начала тесты нового автомобиля GT3

Michael Krumm said: “even We were surprised how well everything worked from the start. Our potential is very high.

Since different drivers in different series will use the car, my job is to do everything to ensure that it is safe at high speeds”.

The following tests will begin in anticipation of the 2018 and will be held in Japan and Europe. Yet Nissan did not disclose the technical features of a new car.

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