Blancpain GT: Rinaldi Racing won the main race in Misano

The crew of the Russian team Rinaldi won the main race of the sixth stage of Blancpain Sprint series at the track the name of Marco Simoncelli to Misano. After the victory in yesterday’s qualifying race today, the crew of the Marco Sifrid and Norbert Zidler started from the pole position.

The start was quite chaotic and at some point even reminded the main race last year at the circuit Slovakia Ring. To the first corner starting from pole position, Marco Sigrid kept the lead, but in the second turn ahead of Patrick Kujala, pilot team Grasser on a bright green Lamborghini Huracan.

However, Kujala was in the lead for long. After a few rounds Sifrid driving Ferrari No. 333 made a beautiful overtaking and regained first place. Kujala started on old tyres and lost pace. Soon, the fight for second place could pass Maximilian Beech from the HTP team Bentley Continental GT3.

By this time Marco Sigrid managed to create a comfortable separation from his pursuers.

During pit stops the crew Lamborghini No. 63 lost another and the third position, but Mirko Bortolotti, who conducted the second half of the race, was able to beat BMW No. 77 Valdano Brito.

Norbert Zidler, who succeeded during a pit stop Marco Sifrid, was able to increase the advantage during the part of the race. At some point on the track started to go a little rain, and the teams have prepared rain tires. Knowing what lies ahead can be one more pit stop, Zidler continued to pull away from rivals.

The Austrian was the first to cross the finish line and brought the team Vadima Koga second win in two days. In second place finished Vansan Abril and Maximilian Beech. Bortolotti and Kujala finished the race in third place.

Real decoration of the final 20 minutes of the race was the battle of Sergio Jiminez and Craig Dolby for fourth place. Pilot Nissan several times seemed to have stepped forward, but was not able to successfully complete any one of the maneuvers.

The winners in the category Pro-Am of steel riders team GT Russian Alexey Vasilyev and Marko Asmer.

Before the race it became known that due to a foot injury, Lawrence Wantor may not start the final stage of the season, which will take place exactly a week in Zandvoort. In this case, Robin freins will be another partner, and then the Dutch will fight for the title alone. However, Vantor is not giving up.

After the finish of the main race of the sixth stage the advantage of Vantera and Freins over Buck and Abril is only eight points during that week will be awarded 34 points.

Sifrid and Zidler are inferior to the leaders of the championship, only 17 points.

A few look more confident position Ventora and Freins in the combined standings Blancpain GT where they are ahead of Maximilian Beech on 27 points.

Vladimir Bashmakov specifically for

Race results – 38 laps
POS. Pilots Team Machine Time/RET.
1. Sifrid/Zidler Rinaldi Racing Ferrari 458 Italia 1:01.03,643
2. Beech/Abril Bentley HTP Bentley Continental GT3 +7,036
3. Kujala/Bortolotti GRT Grasser Racing Lamborghini Huracan G3 +9,794
4. Aubrey/Brito BMW Sports Brasil BMW Z4 +15,315
5. Wakinshaw/Dolby Always Evolving Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 +15,698
6. Bueno/Jimenez BMW Sports Brasil BMW Z4 +18,325
7. Ortelli/Richelmi Belgian Audi Club Audi R8 LMS Ultra +20,807
8. IDA/MIS Belgian Audi Club Audi R8 LMS Ultra +21,205
9. Von thorn und taxis/Catsburg Reiter Engineering Lamborghini Gallardo +27,053
10. Slakware/Bonanomi ISR Audi R8 LMS Ultra +54,869
11. Vasiliev/Asmer GT Russian Team Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 +55,437
12. Meyer-Melnhof/Winkelhock Phoenix Racing Audi R8 LMS Ultra +55,490
13. Nash/Stippler Belgian Audi Club Audi R8 LMS Ultra +1.06,106
14. Thomas Forbach/Anders Forbach ISR Audi R8 LMS Ultra +1.06,573
15. Karachi/Bush GT Russian Team Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 +1.12,665

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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