Blancpain GT: Jeroen Bleekemolen will race for Rinaldi Racing in Zandvoort

Racing GT star Jeroen Bleekemolen will perform at the final stage of the Blancpain Sprint series in Zandvoort in the Russian team Rinaldi.

On his home track, the Dutchman will replace Marco Sifrid, who was forced to miss the final round of the season from the intersection with the stage of the FIA WEC in Fuji. Jeroen will be the partner Norbert Zidler in crew No. 333 Ferrari 458 Italia.

After two victories wards of Vadim Koga in Misano Norbert Zidler inferior to the leaders of the championship Trains and Santoro only 17 points and Holland will fight for the title. This will help him pilot, he knows the track already this weekend example the season finale of the Blancpain GT series.

“Yesterday I called Marco and asked if I could speak instead of him, said Bleekemolen. We decided to all just five minutes. Unfortunately, I was unable to speak at this track a few weeks ago in the championship, ADAC GT Masters, so I will be very glad to return to the home track.”

Last Bleekemolen was piloting the Ferrari 458 Italia last year on the stage of the WEC at Fuji, but it was the car of the GTE category. However, the Dutchman does not see problems in the lack of experience behind the wheel of this car GT3 category.

“Before, I never drove the GT3 car [Ferrari 458 Italia], but it should not be a problem on the track that I know well,” said Bleekemolen.

A year ago Bleekemolen competed in the Blancpain Sprint series for the team Grässer Lamborghini on the same crew c Hari Procecom. They finished the championship in third place, having spent a whole year among the main contenders for the title.

Along with Shilderom for the title in the coming weekend will fight the crew of Vance of Abril, Maximilian Beech team HTP, they are inferior to Trains eight points.

An interesting fact is that this year Bleekemolen team HTP in the four stages of the ADAC GT series and the marathon “24 hours nürburgring”, and now will be their opponent in the final battle of this year.

Lawrence Ventor will not be able to play in the final stage in Zandvoort. During a crash in a qualification race in Misano, he received a leg fracture and a double fracture of the thigh. Who will be the partner Freins in the Netherlands is not yet clear.

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