Team Rinaldi Racing successfully performed on the stage of the Blancpain GT at Moscow Raceway

Команда Rinaldi Racing успешно выступила на этапе Blancpain GT на Moscow Raceway

The past last weekend in Moscow, the fourth stage of the 2015 Blancpain Sprint series was successful for our team Rinaldi Racing. The crew Sitrida Marco and Norbert Zidler twice rose to the podium.

The team, owned by Russian businessman and race car driver Vadym Koga, this season is in the Blancpain GT championship, which involves a series of Sprint and Endurance. In long races of the championship together with Marco and Norbert speaks Russian Rinat Salikhov.

The team had a good first stage of the season in Nogaro, when the crew on a bright green Ferrari under the number 333 has finished both races in the top 5, despite the fact that the track did not fit their car. The first big triumph was not long in coming and came already at the second stage of the joint championship – the first long race of the season in Monza.

The race in Italy was won by Rinat Salikhov and Norbert Zidler, while Rinat has played two brilliant cut. Marco Sifrid that point missed, speaking at Silverstone, the FIA WEC race. After that, as in a series of Sprint and Endurance, the team was unsuccessful stages. Several races in a row Bentley and then hard maneuvers out rivals from the road, among them were the Ferrari team Rinaldi. The most annoying was that in each of these races the Ferrari no. 333 had the potential to fight for victory.

Команда Rinaldi Racing успешно выступила на этапе Blancpain GT на Moscow Raceway

The home stage the pilots of the team Vadim Koga managed to reverse a series of setbacks. Weekend for our team did not start very easy. Before the Moscow race for Ferrari imposed additional restrictions on the “balance technology”, a little strangled engine changes in the size of the restrictor and raising the minimum allowed clearance.

Already at the first training session on Friday, it became clear that speed on the straight leading to the last turn, not enough. However, this problem more or less solved already after 20 minutes. In the first exercise the only Ferrari in the race series Sprint was on the first line. In the second exercise, the result was a little more modest, but it didn’t really matter, as the team decided not to use new tyres, decided to save an extra set for qualifying and the race.

Команда Rinaldi Racing успешно выступила на этапе Blancpain GT на Moscow Raceway

Race day began with training, which the crew completed 333 on the third line. The second row for home race was promising. The team was set up for good results at my home race, in front of the stands where there were more than 10,000 spectators, and several tens of guests of the team. It is worth noting the great attention of the fans to the team Rinaldi during the autograph session.

Great start Norbert Zidler from third place brought a bright green Ferrari on second position at the beginning of the qualifying race. Since then, Norbert Zidler and Marco Sifrid continued to race second, but, unfortunately, to catch up with Lamborghini in the first race failed. They were unstoppable. Nevertheless, we managed to reach the podium and earn second place on the starting grid of the main race, for the victory which give 25 points.

The main race was quite chaotic and Marco Sifrid, who conducted the first change, lost two positions. But then Sigrid spent two brilliant overtaking and regained the second position. Ahead this time was no Lamborghini, and Bentley.

Команда Rinaldi Racing успешно выступила на этапе Blancpain GT на Moscow Raceway

When it came time for mandatory pit stops, the leaders of the crew Bentley No. 84 – there was a hitch, when Maximilian Beech almost stalled, and this has given hope Rinaldi Racing to win. Unfortunately, Rinaldi pit stop also went with rough edges – was the delay in replacing the left rear wheel and a small hesitation when starting off.

In the end, to have accepted the change Norbert Zidler returned to the race in fourth. He showed brilliant speed and caught up with Atila Abreu of the Brazilian team BMW, but pressed on “balancing technology” the motor is not allowed to approach the opponents in a straight line. Closer to the finish line became aware of the violation of the command of Marcus Winkelhock at the pit stop, which brought Zidler in third place. Zidler never gave up and attacked until the last BMW. Although to overtake and failed, Rinaldi finished on the podium!

Home stage passed successfully for Rinaldi! Both races on a track that is not suitable for Ferrari and their characteristics, the Russian team finished on the podium! They definitely managed to please the spectators who have come this day on the rostrum. This phase should be the starting point for the new success of the team this year.

Ahead of Rinaldi’s most important race of the season in the world GT – “Spa 24 hours”, where the team will be joined by an interesting pilot, but this information is kept secret. Next year the team Rinaldi can increase up to two cars. The team of Vadim Koga will get the new Ferrari 488 authentic image which in the configuration of the GT3 yet almost no one saw.

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