Have you changed your opinion about “halo”? Vote on our channel in the Telegram!

Изменилось ли ваше мнение об «ореоле»? Голосуйте на нашем канале в Telegram!

After eight days of official pre-season tests Formula 1 in Barcelona, where we were broadcast live with pictures and videos of new cars in different angles, we decided to ask whether you have changed your opinion about security of the cockpit.

But first we summarize our previous survey in the appearance of new machines of F1.

Unconditional first place in the survey took new chassis Ferrari SF71H. For it gave their votes to 33% of respondents. Second place left for a new light orange creature McLaren – 24%. The third place was unexpectedly taken by the Sauber car logo Alfa Romeo. It was voted 12% of respondents. Well, the last place in popularity took the car Haas – he liked only one percent of the respondents.

And now to a new survey. Not present tests for two weeks with surprise that over time, it was no longer cling to a “halo” – it distracted the attention. And we decided to see if there is a similar effect after viewing numerous photos and videos of the tests.

Possible answers we have chosen the following:
1) I have a “halo” still don’t like the opinion has not changed
2) After tests “halo” began to irritate less
3) After tests “halo” began to irritate more
4) I once had nothing against “halo”
5) For tests not followed and “halo” do not accept!

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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