Winter tests in Barcelona will be winter… really?

Зимние тесты в Барселоне будут... действительно зимними?

Tomorrow starts the first block of official pre-season tests of Formula 1. But what will the weather testing new vehicles?

Winter is not going to take the position, captured the whole continental Europe. This week the cold has reached the North of Spain.

Today in Barcelona the weather is fine, and the thermometer rose to +15 degrees, but next week the forecast is unfavorable. According to summaries of several meteorological stations in the first three days of next week the temperature in Montmeló will not rise above +10. Moreover, the environment in these places sleet is expected.

Most likely, this week we’ll hear another complaint from teams with a request to conduct pre-season tests in more southern Autodromo.

Meanwhile, the official F1 Twitter account wrote: “It will be a very cold week of testing in Barcelona. Pirelli has already prepared winter tires?”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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