“The stability of the machine encouraging.” And if there was an accident Riccardo shakedown RB14?

«Стабильность машины обнадеживает». А была ли авария Риккардо на шейкдауне RB14?

Racer Red Bull Racing Daniel Riccardo shared his impressions of the new machine RB14.

On Monday afternoon the Aussie tested the new shakedown at Silverstone and was satisfied, although passed not so a lot of circles. According to reports in the Italian media, he could not complete the run because of the accident. However, in his comments Riccardo nothing about it said and even said the stability in the behavior of the machine.

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“It’s always difficult to draw conclusions across multiple rounds, but the first feelings are very positive, – quotes Riccardo edition of Autosprint. – Can’t tell if something alerted me in the behavior of the new machine. No, quite the contrary – on a wet road, back end was stable, which is certainly encouraging.

Overall, it was a long day – we tried to verify the operability of all systems. Better to do it on the shakedown than on the tests in Barcelona. This does not mean that we are now immune from problems, but it’s nice to perform some primary tasks.

As for the “aura” that only a few times I’ve tested the system, after a couple of laps [in free practice]. So I really never worked. A special difference I did not notice all the landmarks when driving remained the same. At least on the track with no elevation changes, no problem. Of course, a little uncomfortable to sit in the car, as to leave her, but I think we can handle this little problem.”

«Стабильность машины обнадеживает». А была ли авария Риккардо на шейкдауне RB14?

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