Four turquoise line on the chassis W09 symbolize the four titles

Четыре бирюзовые линии на шасси W09 символизируют четыре титула

Mercedes talked about how it was created, the coloring of the new chassis with index W09, which was presented to the public on Thursday.

“We started the process of creating the new livery in July for the Grand Prix of Austria, – said in an interview to the press service of the team Sam O’brien, head of design Mercedes. When we first sat down and began to discuss a new coloring book and to study the solutions of other teams.

In fact it is a very long process – to from scratch to make developing for the livery, it took us a long six months, because the idea had to go through four stages.

If you think that Toto [Wolff, team principal] during the presentation surprised the new coloring, it is not so. From the beginning he participated in the creation process, we took into account all his wishes. We initially showed him about 60 proposals, and then narrowed the selection to 30, 10, and eventually came to what you see.

The final signature under the new design, as expected, put Dieter Zetsche at the meeting of the Board of Directors of Daimler in December.

Turquoise line on our chassis? If you do the math, you will realize that they are exactly four, and each symbolizes one of our four constructors”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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