Alain Prost In 2017 on the MGU-H Renault team sometimes manifested a factory defect

Ален Прост: В 2017-м на MGU-H команды Renault иногда проявлялся заводской брак

Consultant Renault Alain Prost admitted that the season 2017, some elements of the power plant of the French manufacturer was defective because of a manufacturing fault.

Products Renault in 2017 was extremely unreliable, especially in the second half of the competition year, which the French are often criticized for the team’s clients, namely Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso, whose pilots often had to lose places on the grid due to penalties for replacement of elements of the power unit.

“When we increased the engine performance, began to manifest problems in his work – stated in Simple comments Auto Plus. – This was particularly noticeable at high temperatures. In some cases, the failure of the motor provoked a factory defect.

For example, in one of the parties of motor-generators MGU-H only three of the ten items was in good condition. It started literally at one point with stage to Mexico and to Brazil. On these tracks the power plant could not withstand high temperatures”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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