Toro Rosso – Abitbol: maybe the fact that we are competitors of Renault in the constructors ‘ championship?

Toro Rosso – Абитбулю: А может, дело в том, что мы являемся конкурентами Renault в Кубке конструкторов?

On the first day of racing weekend in Brazil on the machines Toro Rosso once again, there was another failure of the power plant of Renault, which Brendon Hartley and Pierre went Out again received a penalty on the starting grid.

Pierre went Out will lose 25 seats on the starting grid of the Grand Prix of Brazil

Executive Director of Renault Sport’s Cyril Abitbul stated that these engine failures are not accidental, assuming that Toro Rosso are working with the wrong powertrains.

Renault: a Series of failures of the motors on the machine Toro Rosso is not random

Yesterday Franz Toast refuted the statements Abimbola, and on Saturday the Italian team released an official statement on the matter.

“Regarding the recent allegations made by the team producer, Toro Rosso wants to clarify the situation regarding power plants, said in a statement the team from Faenza. – For us it was a surprise that Cyril Abitbul in communication with the mass media suggested that the problems experienced by Toro Rosso with the power plant associated, primarily, with the activities of our team, namely with the way the power unit cooperates with the chassis STR12.

However, our work on the installation of the unit is not varied during the season-2017 with the exception of improvements in the cooling system, which we achieved in mid-year. Since the summer break on machines Toro Rosso was constantly having malfunctions with the operation of the power plant, which led to penalties on the starting grid and cost the team points in the constructors ‘ championship.

We see the cause of the problems in shortage of spare elements of the power plant. We are constantly forced to re-install items from one unit to another in the course of the weekend, and sometimes forced at all to use the old specification.

Only two of the six machines manufacturer finished the race in Mexico, which underscores the depressing situation with the reliability of engines.

Do not forget that they [Renault] are fighting with Toro Rosso for position in the Cup of designers. As suggested by Mr. Abitbul, this situation is not accidental, but it is absolutely nothing to do with the car STR”.

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