The racers Red Bull Racing tried hand at capoeira and putvalue

Гонщики Red Bull Racing попробовали силы в капоэйре и футволее

Before racing weekend of the Grand Prix of Brazil teammates at Red Bull Racing’s Daniel ricciardo and Max Verstappen tried to force in two Brazilian sports.

The Aussie and the Dutchman first took local athletes a few lessons of capoeira — martial arts with elements of dance and acrobatics.

“We tried to learn the basic movements, – said Riccardo. Is a kind of dance, mixed with elements of martial arts. You need to keep moving, than I have no problems, whereas flexibility was harder. If judged objectively, I would put four points on a ten point scale”.

Verstappen added: “it Was interesting, but I quickly realized it was not for me. I would put myself one point! We both Daniel’s looked very bad!”

Also the racers Red Bull Racing played footvolley is a sport that combines the quality of beach volleyball and football. The match, organised by Puma, ended with the victory of the team Riccardo.

“We in Australia also have beach sports, but the first time I played footvolley,” commented Daniel.

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