The FIA will increase the time limit for leaving the cockpit with five to seven seconds

FIA увеличит лимит времени на покидание кокпита с пяти до семи секунд

The FIA will increase the allowable time limit for leaving the cockpit in 2018 when all cars in Formula 1 will appear head-protection system “halo,” according to Auto Motor und Sport.

Now the desired standard, for which the pilot must leave the car is five seconds.

“I watched Valtteri Bottas is selected from the cockpit under the supervision of Joe Bauer, who was timing – writes AMuS correspondent Tobias Gruner. – At first he didn’t even know what to work”.

Finn took of 9.59 seconds. But according to Gruner, next season the limit will be increased from five to seven seconds.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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