Ross brown: To avoid penalties, you need to reduce the cost of the power plant

Росс Браун: Чтобы не было штрафов, нужно снизить стоимость силовой установки

Sports Director of the Formula 1 Ross Brawn believes that the situation with penalties on the starting grid to blame too expensive elements of the power plant, the amount of which is necessary to limit the season.

In 19 of the past the Grand Prix of 2017, the pilots received in the total amount of 730 penalty positions, not even counting the penalties for changing the gearbox. But the FIA and Liberty Media was given to understand that to fix this unjust system will not work.

Braun got the idea, but its realization will be possible only after 2020, when in Formula 1 will appear more simple and cheap power plant.

In the season of 2018, the FIA will simplify the system of penalties for changing engines

“In my opinion, the transition to a new power plant, it is important to make sure that the replacement items was economical, – quotes the brown AUTOSPORT. – If homologirana turbine will cost 2000-3000 dollars, then why limit the number of units for the season? The scale Motorsport is nothing. But when the turbocharger is very complicated in construction and is very expensive as it is now, we have to deal with restrictions”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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