Riccardo Daniel I will Have a couple of trump cards in negotiations with Red Bull

Даниэль Риккардо: У меня будет пара козырей при переговорах с Red Bull

Racer Red Bull Racing Daniel ricciardo is preparing to start negotiations with the team about a contract extension, which ends at the end of 2018.

For the first time in many years career, the Aussie will have the freedom of choice and recognizes that he wants to make maximum use of the opportunity.

Red Bull Racing ready to wait for the decision of Daniel ricciardo on the future

“I’ve never been in a similar position, so I want to make maximum use of this chance. Obviously, I will be able to discuss with Red Bull financial details, but the main thing for me is the competitiveness of the machine. In the end I still end my career, to put the money in the first place, – quotes Riccardo AUTOSPORT. – I will not change your management.

In addressing some of the issues helps me a lawyer, but a great environment there. I have a pair of cards, given that the contract ends. But there was no rush.

Nice to hear what Christian Horner and Helmut Marko have already expressed their readiness to continue cooperation. It’s better than if they said, “Hurry to Riccardo’s gone.”

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