Renault: a Series of failures of the motors on the machine Toro Rosso is not random

Renault: Череда отказов моторов на машинах Toro Rosso не случайна

Executive Director of Renault Sport’s Cyril Abitbul not believe that the failure of the French engine manufacturer of the machines Toro Rosso, which in recent times happen all too often, are accidental.

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“We are unhappy with the situation and take everything very seriously – quoted Cyril – In the latter stages of the machines Toro Rosso had a lot more problems than other cars with Renault engines.

We have concern that this is due to the way in Toro Rosso working on the engine. This may be the explanation of all these problems because of accidents in our sport does not happen.”

However, the head of Toro Rosso Franz Toast does not agree with the arguments Abimbola.

“This cannot but worry. The installation procedure of the unit has not changed since the beginning of the season. None of the parts of the chassis Toro Rosso is not connected to the MGU-H. there’s nothing We can do in this situation,” said a Toast.

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