Paddy Lowe: There are more important issues than the new regulations on the motors

Пэдди Лоу: Есть более важные проблемы, чем новый регламент на моторы

Williams technical Director paddy Lowe believes that the issue of changing regulations on the engines not a priority for the leadership of the Formula 1 and teams.

This week was the concept of motor 2021, which did not like Mercedes, Renault and Ferrari. According to Lowe, it is generally not an area in which now we need to fix something.

“We talk a lot about problems with the engines, but is not the main concern at the moment. This issue is of concern to the three leading teams, – quotes low AUTOSPORT. – The real problem – the huge gap between the leaders and everyone else. Let’s see, what was the gap between the top five at the finish line in Austin. Race just was divided into two different categories. Engines nothing to do with it”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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