New concept motor: Mercedes counts the money, Ferrari threatens care, Honda silent…

Новая концепция мотора: Mercedes считает деньги, Ferrari грозит уходом, Honda молчит...

The modern Formula 1 live from regulations to rules. Barely in 2017 came into effect new rules aimed at more effective aerodynamics, as in the statements of the leadership of the championship and boss teams started to appear, the date of transition to a new power plant in 2021.

Again, why change the rules on the engines?

Новая концепция мотора: Mercedes считает деньги, Ferrari грозит уходом, Honda молчит...

The season-2017 was only fourth in the current era of hybrid turbo regulations which looked so promising. Reasons for dissatisfaction were several: expensive, difficult and quiet. In addition, the expected interest among potential suppliers of the new formula did not cause.

Agreement on the need for change was reached at a meeting in Paris, which was attended by the FIA President Jean Todt, current manufacturers, as well as representatives of Audi.

Further discussions joined other third-party manufacturers such as Aston Martin and Cosworth, which can be considered a success.

Nevertheless, the first rough idea about the future configuration of the power plant was made only on October 31 at the meeting of the teams, owners of commercial rights and the FIA.

The new configuration is really so revolutionary?

Новая концепция мотора: Mercedes считает деньги, Ferrari грозит уходом, Honda молчит...

In the past six months, there was much speculation about the new concept of the engine: will it be a return to V8 or V10, or will the twin-turbo V6. But the revolutionary the proposed version will not call the same c V6 one turbine without the motor-generator of thermal energy, but with a more powerful KERS.

It is also interesting that two of the five elements of the power plant in 2021 should be standard for all producers – energy storage and electronic control unit electronics.

“This plan was the result of a series of meetings in the course of 2017, participation in which was accepted as a valid command, and producers interested in participating, –
commented on the results of the meeting, the sports Director of the Formula 1 Ross Brawn.

When the comrades there is no agreement…

Новая концепция мотора: Mercedes считает деньги, Ferrari грозит уходом, Honda молчит...

In the official communiqué issued after the meeting in Paris, it was noted that the regulation has not yet been formed and details will be developed over the next 12 months. It is amazing that the very next morning came the first critic.

“This view of the management of F1, not manufacturers, said Mercedes Motorsport boss Toto Wolff. – Laid the Foundation for further discussions, and in fact nothing is resolved. Put forward some interesting suggestions, but they still need to be clarified”.

All right, Mercedes, you can understand why to change something when they have, and so everything goes like clockwork, but Renault also publicly expressed dissatisfaction.

“That would be in the FOM and the FIA may say, but they ask us to design a brand new engine. This will restart the arms race, which has a negative impact on competition in the peloton,” said Executive Director of Renault Sport’s Cyril Abitbul.

Perhaps the existing manufacturers did not like the similarity of characteristics with the current, which will still have to re-design the power plant.

“It will require designing a completely new engine with new systems of enrichment and impact energy,” explained wolf.

But still happy with the new participants of the “game”.

“We are encouraged by the chosen direction,” commented Andy Palmer CEO of Aston Martin, which in 2018 will be the title sponsor of Red Bull Racing.

The number of engines for the season-2021 will be increased to six or eight units

Well, the concept at least someone liked it, the more the potential contractor. But, according to wolf, first and foremost the functionaries of the Formula 1 should take into account the interests of existing producers.

“First of all, F1 needs to remain attractive to current suppliers, and then for a new one,’ said the Austrian. – You need to strive to make the concept acceptable to all”.

Honda silent, Ferrari puts an ultimatum

Новая концепция мотора: Mercedes считает деньги, Ferrari грозит уходом, Honda молчит...

While from comments abstain, only Honda mechanics, for which it is unclear which is better – either bringing the current design to the mind, or the attempt to start from scratch under the new rules. Ferrari, unlike the Japanese, long think not…and put the question bluntly: either we or the proposed regulations on the motors.

If Mercedes and Renault were dissatisfied with the cost and expediency of construction of new motors, the Italian company didn’t like the idea to unify the part of the powertrain.

“I think that should be clear: if all goes well, that will be impossible to support the brand and reinforce the unique status of the Ferrari, then we’ll go,” said Ferrari Chairman Sergio Marchione.

But threats of a Ferrari is no stranger. During the first three years of his reign Marchione spoke several times about the prospect of retiring from Formula 1, if something is done against the will of the Scuderia, as, for example, the mandatory reduction in the cost of client engines.

Considering that just at the end of 2020 ends the current Contract Agreement, Ferrari simply could not take advantage of this opportunity to emphasize its position.

The next meeting is not far off

Новая концепция мотора: Mercedes считает деньги, Ferrari грозит уходом, Honda молчит...

In one of the bosses of Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault agree for sure: the opportunity to sit down and talk this will be for November 7 at the meeting of the Strategic group F1.

“Let’s see how the meeting goes next week and then we will start dialogue,” said Toto Wolff.

It is expected that Liberty Media will present at the meeting their plans in more detail, including limiting budgets, new management structure and changes in commercial and sport system.

“I don’t want to predict anything, said Sergio Marchione. But we all go to the meeting next Tuesday with the best intentions.”

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