Mark Priestley: Formula 1 will survive without Ferrari

Марк Пристли: Формула 1 проживет и без Ferrari

Former McLaren mechanic, now a Sky Sports expert mark Priestley believes that the potential withdrawal of a Ferrari doesn’t knock down the Formula 1, because this championship means more than one single manufacturer.

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“I understand the historical importance of Ferrari to F1, but the sport, and so gives them a huge advantage, providing such money is not getting none of the other teams,’ said Priestley in comments to Sky Sports. – It’s as if one of the football teams have at their disposal the 12th player.

If you skillfully manage a budget, the amount of money obtained should be compared with the results on the track. I believe they get unfair advantage.

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Now, I think the fans want to see a more competitive race to get more teams claimed victory in the race.

We all recognize the historical importance of the Ferrari, but F1 can live without it. Yes, Ferrari may leave and form their own championship, but F1 is more than the role of Ferrari in it.”

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