Lewis Hamilton not to yield to Verstappen, I need to go to a new level

Льюис Хэмилтон: Чтобы не уступить Ферстаппену, мне нужно выйти на новый уровень

Four-time world champion Lewis Hamilton fears the growing competition from max Verstappen.

At the Grand Prix of Mexico, the young Dutchman won a second victory in the last four races, and the Mercedes driver believes that this is only the beginning.

Jos Verstappen: Max is supposed to compete for the title in 2018

“Next year, I have become stronger, as competition from Ferrari and Red Bull Racing will be even higher, – quotes Hamilton AUTOSPORT. – Life in Formula 1 never stands still.

Opponents waiting for their chance, and Max Verstappen is one of them. He is an exceptional rider, a potential champion and with age will only get stronger. He has a long way to go, but winning only reinforce his huge potential.

I am looking forward to a fight with max in the next season. To stay ahead, I have to go to a new level, it’s great motivates me”.

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