Kevin Magnussen: If I saw Riccardo, it would have left more space Vandorn

Кевин Магнуссен: Если бы я видел Риккардо, то оставил бы Вандорну больше места

The pilot Haas Kevin Magnussen commented on the clash with Stoffel Vendorno in the opening Brazilian Grand Prix, in which neither the Dane nor the pilot of McLaren was not able to continue the race.

At the exit of the second turn Vandorn was sandwiched right between Magnussen and Daniel ricciardo on the left. Kevin has been a contact with Stoffel, who threw on Ricardo.

“I thought the three of us entered the turn,’ said Magnussen. – I had contact with Vendorom, after which he had a contact with Ricardo. My car broke the front suspension.

If I realized early on that Riccardo went to the left Vandorn, then maybe that would give him more space. And when I saw Riccardo, it was too late. It’s a shame when there is such collision, but it’s a race”.

Stoffel Vandorn said: “I reacted to the starting lights, and then I had a battle with Windows and Grosjean, which I barely have.

Then in the second turn I was sandwiched between Magnussen and Riccardo. Unfortunately, at this point my race was over. I don’t know what would have done differently in that situation to avoid a collision. I believe that the lost chances to win points.”

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