In Abu Dhabi Ferrari has copied the concept of the diffuser at RBR

В Абу-Даби Ferrari скопировала концепт диффузора у RBR

During race weekend in Abu Dhabi, Ferrari is experimenting with a diffuser that is very similar to the version that uses Red Bull Racing, reports

Throughout the season 2017 on machines SF70H used the diffuser, which on the edges near the wheels was bent down to improve aerodynamic flow at the rear of the car. This allowed positioning in the area of bending of the diffuser flaps, which are located on the inner part near the rear tire.

В Абу-Даби Ferrari скопировала концепт диффузора у RBR

However, in Abu-Dhabi on the machine Kimi Raikkonen was installed already flat horizontal diffuser on the principle of the concept of Red Bull, which increases the aerodynamic air flow under the diffuser. In theory this should provide a higher level of clamping force.

At the moment Ferrari is working with a new concept car, to understand its pros and cons.

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