Helmut Marko: Max Verstappen would have won in Mexico and without chaos at the start

Хельмут Марко: Макс Ферстаппен выиграл бы в Мексике и без хаоса на старте

Consultant to Red Bull Helmut Marko believes that Max Verstappen would celebrate the triumph at the Grand Prix of Mexico, even if Sebastian Vettel collided with Lewis Hamilton on the first lap.

Max Verstappen I calmly controlled the course of the race

In the third turn of the Vettel we have made contact with Hamilton, in which both riders received injuries car and went on a forced pit stops, significantly facilitating the task Verstappen.

At the same time, Max is already included in the third turn the leader of the race.

“Of course, their contact at the start helped us, but I am sure that in Mexico city from Verstappen was paced in order to defeat Vettel and Hamilton – quotes Speedweek.com Helmut. Race had not to drive as quickly as possible, and as slowly as we were worried about the engine.

Four cars [Renault engine] gone. The same engine was installed and on max’s car.

Max Verstappen Failures of engines Renault has me worried

How fast Max could fly the machine? He could go much faster. We wanted to keep handicap up to Bottas at around 20 seconds. This victory is a demonstration that in the peloton at the Red Bull best aerodynamics, chassis and suspension”.

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