Daniel ricciardo Battle with McLaren in 2018 will be interesting

Даниэль Риккардо: Сражение с McLaren в 2018 году будет интересным

Racer Red Bull Racing Riccardo Daniel believes that the transition to the motors Renault will really allow the team McLaren back in the fight for the lead.

“The fight with McLaren will be interesting, – quotes Riccardo edition of Motorsport-Total. – This will benefit the entertainment races. Always nicer to win the fight, which involved eight pilots, not two.”

Zach brown: On some tracks the McLaren chassis is more effective than Red Bull Racing

At the Hungarian Grand Prix this year Fernando Alonso unexpectedly showed the best lap time. Shortly before the finish the Spaniard changed the tires, but, according to Ricardo, the case was not only that.

“It was a pretty significant moment. McLaren will definitely be competitive next season,” added Riccardo.

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