Chase Carey: We are not going to turn Formula 1 into NASCAR

Чейз Кэри: Мы не собираемся превращать Формулу 1 в NASCAR

Executive Director of the Formula 1 chase Carey responded to the threats of the President of Ferrari Sergio Marchione care team from the championship after 2020.

In Maranello, as well as Mercedes and Renault, were dissatisfied with the proposals for new regulations on the motors. In particular, Marcion didn’t like the idea to standardize a part of the powertrain.

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“In fact, I don’t think we have different views with the leadership of the Ferrari, – quotes Cary AUTOSPORT. I’m not trying to belittle the advantages of this series, but we’re not going to turn F1 into NASCAR. We have no plans for standardization of machinery. We don’t want in the peloton was 20 identical cars and differed only racers.

Each team should still be able to build a unique car. But at the same time need to do so that success depended on the ability to use resources at a certain limit of expenditure. I think it would benefit our sport.

We want each team had a chance to win. Obviously, there are always favorites that will progress faster than the others. But it would be nice if all teams felt that they have a chance.

Sport built on surprises. If every weekend one team wins, it is fraught with negative consequences.

We need competition, surprises, exciting finishes and dramatic effect. This is what we aspire to.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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