Brendon Hartley: it is Difficult to get used to prototype WEC after F1 machines

Брендон Хартли: Сложно заново привыкнуть к прототипу WEC после машины Ф1

Brendon Hartley admitted that it was difficult to adapt to the Porsche 919 Hybrid LMP1 after he held a two race weekend in F1.

After the Grand Prix of the United States and Mexico, Brandon returned to the WEC on the stage in Shanghai, where he, along with Earl Bamber and Timo Bernhard managed ahead of time to win the title-2017 one race before the end of the season.

Brendon Hartley and the Porsche ahead won the championship WEC 2017

“To be honest, again to adapt to the technique the WEC turned out to be unexpectedly difficult,’ said Hartley. I thought that once again will feel right at home, because I acted in this series for the past four years, but it took time.

The fact that the location of the seat in F1 is significantly different from the WEC, because over your head is the roof.

Brendon Hartley wants to earn his first points in F1 in Brazil

With regard to the weekend in Brazil, I determined to get his first point in F1 and to celebrate this achievement.”

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