Best radio conversations the Grand Prix of Brazil

Лучшие радиопереговоры Гран При Бразилии

We present to your attention a selection of the best radio conversations the Grand Prix of Brazil from ESPN F1.

“Oh, my ass is on fire”.
In the second free practice Max Verstappen gave very accurate feedback to the team, telling about the heat in the cockpit.

“Oh, I [profanity]. You can drive one more lap?”
Kimi Raikkonen admitted that he had traveled not well and asked his race engineer to extend the simulation skills.

“And this is pole, good job! Yes, Yes!”
Valtteri Bottas has not hide his delight after the third pole position of his career and first since July stage in Spielberg.

“Aahhh, damn it!”
The reaction of Sebastian Vettel, who lost to Bottas 0.03 seconds was completely the opposite.

Лучшие радиопереговоры Гран При Бразилии

“Perez doesn’t interest me. He will still catch up, and we have nothing to do with him. With the Mass we can compete”.
Surprisingly, in the end, Fernando Alonso could not overtake Massa and Perez kept behind.

Haas: “Romaine, come into the pits. We got a ten second penalty. Call in right now.”
“What penalty?”
Haas: “For the incident with the Window”.
“You must be kidding! You’re kidding!”

Romain Grosjean couldn’t believe the words race engineer when he heard about the punishment for a collision with Esteban Windows on the first lap.

Лучшие радиопереговоры Гран При Бразилии

“Bus just a stone. Incredible how hard they are”.
In the last laps, Max Verstappen was very unhappy with the condition of the rubber.

“Yes, Forza Ferrari!”
We have not heard this exclamation. 24 hours after missing out on pole position, Sebastian Vettel took revenge, winning the first victory since the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Лучшие радиопереговоры Гран При Бразилии

“Daddy, I’m so proud of you. Wherever you went, I will support you. I love you. By the way, I liked your start.”
After a great seventh place in the last home race in Formula 1 Felipe Massa received a congratulatory message on the radio from his own son, Filipino.

McLaren: “a Good race, Fernando. The eighth place. You were close to pass him.”
“Yes, very good race. We deserved the points. Of course, at normal speed we would have finished in the top five or even four. Next season will be interesting.”

Fernando Alonso was unable to overtake Felipe Massa, but was satisfied, given the lack of power Honda engine, and expressed confidence that with the motor Renault in 2018, it will be much better.

Лучшие радиопереговоры Гран При Бразилии

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