Alexey Popov: Kvyat Williams will bring more good than Kubica

Алексей Попов: Квят принесет Williams больше пользы, чем Кубица

Russian voice of Formula 1 Alex Popov, commenting on the rumors that Daniil Kvyat is second in the list of candidates to Williams for the season in 2018, shared his opinion on why former racer Red Bull and Toro Rosso preferable Kubica.

Blick: Daniil Kvyat is second in the list of candidates for a place in Williams

“It is clear that from the PR point of view the return of Kubica would be a beautiful story after such trauma, and six years of absence. It is clear that the team would like to play this map – said Popov live “Match on TV”. But with all due respect to Kubica can only hope that in terms of the use of Quat could give the team more.

The guy is only 23 years old, he has yet to come and a huge motivation to prove that he wiped his feet, and he is actually not of the same level as they [Red Bull] have tried to show. By the way, we see it very well on the example of his coworkers in the team. Both [Pierre went Out and Brendon Hartley] supercasanova guys, but they are not even close to where he was Kvyat. So everything is relative”.

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