Adrian Newey still feels responsible for the death of Ayrton Senna

Эдриан Ньюи до сих пор чувствует ответственность за гибель Айртона Сенны

In his autobiography, “How to Build a Car” (“How to build a car”) is the technical Director of Red Bull Adrian Newey admitted that he still feels responsible for the death of Ayrton Senna.

It Newey designed Williams FW16 chassis, which in turn Tamburello crashed the legendary Brazilian in the seventh round of the Grand Prix of San Marino 1994.

“Regardless of whether the cause of the accident the steering column, you cannot undo the fact that this design was unsuccessful and it was impossible to install a car – leads excerpt from autobiographical books Newey. – I was one of the senior engineers of the team that designed the machine that destroyed the great man.

I feel guilty for having screwed up the aerodynamics of the car. I made a bad transition from the active to the passive suspension, which the car was unstable from aerodynamics point of view.

Ayrton tried to do something that the car was not able. Regardless, there was a puncture or not, he chose internal – fast, but more irregular – the trajectory at which the vehicle was acting unstable. At that moment the car was difficult to control even such a master.

For the death of Ayrton I will always feel responsible. Not guilt, but responsibility.”

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