Zach brown: If Honda starts winning, the McLaren would look silly

Зак Браун: Если Honda начнет побеждать, McLaren будет выглядеть глупо

Executive Director of McLaren Zac brown acknowledged that the team from Woking would be foolish, if in 2018, Honda will be able to make a big step forward in the development of its power plant.

After three seasons of poor results in the McLaren decided to part ways with Honda. In 2018, the team from Woking will get engines from Renault and Honda will be the supplier for Toro Rosso.

Marc Marquez: Maybe McLaren rushed and decided to leave Honda

“Obviously, if Honda will win in 2018, but we don’t, McLaren will look silly,’ said Zack in comments to the Spanish newspaper Marca. But I think everyone should make their own decisions, and then be responsible for the result. We made the difficult collective decision.

I believe that in making any decision there is the idea: “what if I’m wrong?”

This is similar to the situation with Indianapolis. People asked: “what if Alonso get injured?”, “What if we lose a good opportunity in Monaco?”” But, fortunately, Fernando drove a perfect race, and Jenson [button] started from the pit lane.

I’m saying we need to look forward, not back”.

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