Yusuke Hasegawa: Maybe Alonso was too embarrassed to scold me

Юсуке Хасегава: Наверное, Алонсо было стыдно ругать меня

Project leader of the Honda F1 Yusuke Hasegawa acknowledged that not all employees of the Japanese company liked the attitude of Fernando Alonso, who was very unhappy with the problems with the engine in the last three years.

“Alonso has always had the pressure on me – Hasegawa admitted in an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Models. – He never chose words when he was displeased. I don’t think he himself liked it. Fernando is a good man, and maybe he was even ashamed to abuse me. But it can be understood, after all he wanted to do better. So shame on me.

Of course, some Honda employees were dissatisfied with the attitude of Alonso. But this does not concern me. Don’t see any problem here.

Personally, I am very sorry that we are unable to give McLaren a competitive engine. Professionally we had a lot of problems. In this situation it is very difficult to achieve full cooperation. But Alonso is always fair doing my job.

In the end, the riders are very emotional, and they can understand. If the car was fast, didn’t Alonso would not be happy? Of course, he would be happy. So we can’t complain”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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