Yusuke Hasegawa: Honda very close to Renault in terms of engine power

Юсуке Хасегава: Honda очень близка к Renault в плане мощности двигателя

Project leader of the Honda F1 Yusuke Hasegawa believes that the specification of the power plant version 3.5, which the team McLaren received the Grand Prix of Belgium, has enabled Japanese builders to get closer to Renault.

During the first two years after returning to Formula 1 Honda seriously inferior in power and reliability of the other three manufacturers. But from mid-2017, there is finally signs of progress.

“We are finalizing the engine from the start of the season. This applies not only power, but also reliability – quoted Hasegawa AUTOSPORT. After the introduction of version 3.5, we were very close to Renault. Can’t say that our motor is better than theirs, but it is important that we gained in reliability. Yes, the lag is still there, but the gap is very small compared to what it was in the first two years after the return of Honda in F1.

Now the concept of our motor is similar to the one used by Renault, Ferrari and Mercedes. So there is no reason why we couldn’t get on the same level with them.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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