Williams received a suspended fine for violation of bus rules

Williams получила условный штраф за нарушение шинного регламента

Williams received a suspended penalty in the amount of 10 thousand euros for violation of bus rules in F1 during the first days of the race weekend in Austin.

After the first 40 minutes of the first workout, teams must return one set of tires.

However, Williams did not have time to give a set of tires Felipe Massa, violating the deadline of delivery of the tire for three seconds. That was enough to make the team was summoned to the stewards.

Due to the fact that Williams missed only three seconds, the FIA issued a statement, according to which the penalty in 10 thousand Euro will be cancelled, if before the end of the season Williams will not tolerate such violations of regulations.

We will remind that it already the second similar violation of bus regulations by a British team in 2017 during the weekend at Spa Williams had not had time to give one set of tyres, for which he received the penalty in 10 thousand Euro.

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