“We’re talking about the steering wheel or seat belt? I do not understand something”. Discussion at the briefing of the pilots in Suzuka

«Мы говорим о руле или ремнях? Я что-то не пойму». Дискуссия на брифинге пилотов в Сузуке

The official Formula 1 channel on Youtube released a video briefing to pilots on the Grand Prix of Japan.

Participants with race Director Charlie Whiting began with the warning that after a collision with lance Strolla Sebastian Vettel had to wait for the medical machine and not to return to the pits with Pascal Wehrlein.

The main topic of conversation concerned the return to the pits, namely, the provision of seat belts at this time.

Grosjean: “We are allowed to unfasten the seat belts after the finish?”

Whiting: “No. Any more questions?”

Grosjean: “But it seems to me that Lewis often unfasten”.

Whiting: “They loosen, but to detach completely – no”.

Grosjean: “I’m just asking. I think it’s great for the fans. I would like to clarify”.

Whiting “At this speed, which drove Lewis, belts can loosen.”

Massa: “But I can’t relax, it is very difficult. You can just totally detach”.

Whiting: “I was asked a question, and I said no, to unfasten the straps can not be weaken. I do not see this problem. Lewis, what are you doing: unfasten and loosen the straps?”

Hamilton: “Unfasten, but do it not so often. For example, it was in Montreal and in several races”.

Whiting: “Romaine, you may have raised an interesting topic…”

Grosjean: “I think for the fans it’s great when they can see better rider. But I just want clarification of the rules”.

Hamilton: “Why do you need clarification?”

Grosjean: “Because sometimes you can get a penalty by not putting the wheel into place. But when the car gets all four wheels, it doesn’t matter”.

Hamilton: “I Wonder…”

Whiting: “If you think it necessary, I can clarify”.

Hamilton: “We’re going very slowly. Though perhaps Sebastian should have been wearing seat belts”.

Vettel: “We’re talking about the steering wheel or seat belt? I do not understand something”.

Grosjean: “I don’t want to start an argument. I just want to clarify the rules, that’s all.”

Whiting: “I think the seat belts to unfasten the impossible. We all saw what happened in Sepang [collision Vettel and Stroll on the circle return to the boxes after the finish]. So I think this is a bad practice.”

Hamilton: “I’m only doing this in the victory to greet the audience.”

Whiting: “I understand, Yes.”

Hamilton: “But I go very slowly.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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