Toto Wolff: the Pendulum can quickly swing the other way

Тото Вольф: Маятник может быстро качнуться в другую сторону

Head of Mercedes Motorsport Toto Wolff believes that it is early to speak about winning the “Silver arrows” in the championship, despite the failure of Ferrari in the last races.

At the next stage in Austin Lewis Hamilton, leading the overall standings with 59 points, can advance to win a fourth title, but the team has chances of early conquest of the Cup of designers.

However, the wolf is cautious and believes that nothing is guaranteed.

Christian Horner can’t imagine what could prevent Hamilton to win the title

“Of course, this is a huge advantage, provided that we will spend the rest of the race. But in the case of Vettel we can see how quickly things can change the situation, – quotes the AUTOSPORT wolf. – He had an accident and lost 25 points in Singapore, was unable to compete for high positions in Malaysia and Japan was again left without points.

The pendulum can quickly swing the other way. Motor racing is unpredictable, and that’s what makes it so interesting. So while the victory is not won too early to relax”.

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