The Formula 1 team will discuss a possible transition to full drive

Команды Формулы 1 обсудят возможный переход на полный привод

October 31 will be held in Paris meeting with the owners of the commercial rights of Formula 1, the FIA and teams. The main topic on the agenda will be new regulations on the engines, which should come into effect in 2021.

The parties plan including to discuss the possibility of transition to full drive, which can be a consequence of the rejection of the use of an expensive motor-generator MGU-H, according to AUTOSPORT.

Alternatively, it is proposed installation of kinetic energy recovery [KERS] on the front axle. In fact, it would mean that a Formula 1 car will be all-wheel drive.

On the one hand, KERS on the front axle as on the prototype Porsche in LMP1, will improve mechanical grip in the corners and drive the cars closer to each other. But at the same time technology is expensive and will add weight to the already heavy modern F1 cars.

Full drive in F1 is a myth or an inevitable reality?

“There are several possibilities to compensate for the lost electrical energy in case of refusal MGU-H. a motor-generator on the front axle, – said the head of Mercedes Motorsport Toto Wolff. – Do not get hung up on a full drive, but we have to discuss all available opportunities.”

However, the boss Haas gene Haas believes that the option with the transition to full drive need to study very carefully.

“F1 may be in the same trap as you move to hybrid engines and said the American businessman. – The idea seems simple, but in reality it is not so. We should analyze everything before saying: “Let’s jump on the all wheel drive”. May again happen that one team has pulled ahead, and the rest will have to catch up with her”.

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