The FIA presented the characteristics of the engine 2021

FIA представила характеристики двигателя 2021 года

The Formula 1 presented the details of the future regulation on the engines, which will come into effect in 2021.

Meeting with teams, representatives of the FIA and the commercial rights owners was held in Paris on October 31. On the agenda were new regulations on the motors, aimed at reducing the cost, simplifying the design and increasing the volume of the power plant.

Following the meeting, was elaborated and presented the following concept:

– A 1.6-litre turbocharged V6
– Increase rpm to 3000 rpm in order to improve the sound
– One unit
– Rejection of the use of motor-generator MGU-H
– More powerful motor-generator MGU-K, with the emphasis on manual control and the ability to save energy in a few circles that will add a new tactical element to the race.
– Standardized energy storage device and an electronic control unit electronically
– A plan to tighten rules regarding the use of fuel and limit the amount used specifications

As noted in an official statement following the meeting, the details of a new concept engine will be determined over the next 12 months and full information will be published before the end of 2018. Only after that the producers will be able to proceed with the development. The decision was taken to ensure that suppliers continued to work on the current power plant.

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