The FIA has tightened the rules for compliance with the boundaries of the track in Mexico city

FIA ужесточила правила соблюдения границ трассы в Мехико

The international automobile Federation (FIA) has adopted new rules for the observance of the boundaries of the track in Mexico city before the start of the racing weekend at the circuit behalf of the brothers Rodriguez, reports

The fact that during the Grand Prix of Mexico in 2016, there were two controversial moments, when Lewis Hamilton in the battle with Nico Rosberg, and later Max Verstappen in the fight with Sebastian Vettel cut the grass the first turn and returned to the track ahead of their rivals.

Hamilton was not punished for his action, and Verstappen was fined because of what he lost podium. In addition, a week ago in Austin Max again suffered from the decision of the stewards: the Dutch again lost a podium finish due to the fact that the FIA decided that he cut off the turn while overtaking Kimi.

All this has forced the International automobile Federation to adopt more serious measures in Mexico: it was decided to install additional orange obstacles on the left side of the track between the first and second and between the second and third turns.

The FIA has sent teams of guidelines under which the pilots traveled outside of the racing surface at these sites, will have to avoid the orange obstacles, and then be able to get back on track. In theory it will cost the riders losing time.

In addition, the same obstacles were installed in the eighth and 11-th turns, so the drivers were back on the road in a prescribed place.

FIA ужесточила правила соблюдения границ трассы в Мехико

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