The FIA has banned the teams to dry the starting grid

FIA запретила командам высушивать стартовую решетку

The FIA has banned the teams to dry the asphalt on the starting grid after the precedent that took place at the Grand Prix of Malaysia last Sunday, according to AUTOSPORT.

A few hours before the start in Sepang a few teams used hand dryers that do not like Force India, seeking the opinion of race Director Charlie Whiting.

The fact that it is contrary to the Article 22.3 of sports rules: “Participants are not allowed in any way to change the state of the pavement”.

Last year before the start of the Japanese Grand Prix the FIA made a relief and allowed the teams to dry the starting cell, which apparently got confused in Malaysia.

On Saturday morning in Suzuka race, the Directorate has warned about the inadmissibility of such actions. Exceptions are possible, but each case will be considered separately, and if someone gets permission, all the rest of the team will be informed about this.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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