Sergio Perez it is Possible, if I passed the Windows, I was able to save tyres

Серхио Перес: Возможно, если бы я обогнал Окона, мне удалось бы сохранить шины

The pilot Force India Sergio Perez was left disappointed that at the equator the United States Grand Prix, the team did not allow him to attack Esteban aukon.

Sergio had the chance to fight for sixth place with the Frenchman, but eventually lost seventh place Carlos Sainz.

“The race was difficult, but I’m glad we were able to score points,’ said the Mexican. We made a bet on an aggressive strategy, having made an early pit stop to get ahead of Massa and Sainz. After a wave of stops in the pits I was ahead of them, and then I managed to overtake Alonso on the track.

I approached Esteban and I had a great pace in comparison with him, as he kept the rubber. But because of the traffic, the tires wore out, and I started to lose pace.

It is hard to imagine what life would have been if I overtook Esteban: maybe I could keep the tires. When I appeared Sainz, I couldn’t do anything because his tyres were much fresher.

At the end of the race I hardly defended from Kvyat and Massa, because the tire was on the limit. But I am happy that I was able to finish eighth.”

His teammate Esteban Windows said: “I am very pleased with sixth place, because at the end of the race I had to repel the attacks of science. For most part of the race I controlled her pace and looked after the tyres, to execute the strategy of one pit stop.

The car showed strong pace in the race. At the end of this stage we have achieved the maximum”.

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